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Letterlock remains open for receiving and shipping goods on both sides of the border.  As of Wednesday March 18 the border has been closed to non-essential travel, however, the trucking industry and the flow of goods is considered essential.

As a result of this we will continue to pick up l shipments in Sumas, as well as ship products across the border from Abbotsford to our Sumas location for furtherance in the in the US.

 **For personal packages you have two options to have your packages forwarded to you.  The first option is that our Sumas office forward it to you via the US Postal system. You would need to contact our staff in Sumas at for the cost to do this service.  This could take up to 3 weeks or more for delivery. The other option is that Letterlock brings it across from Letterlock in Sumas to Letterlock in Abbotsford.  The minimum charge to do this is $60.00.


If you have commercial packages in Sumas that you would like us to bring back and are not a regular cross-border client of ours you will need to email and you will be provided with further instructions.  Please be patient as we are getting numerous requests. 

If you are interested in using our commericial trucking services we will require the followiing for each shipment. 

1. Commercial  Invoice
2.  Seller's Name and Address
3.  Purchaser's name and address
4.  Description of each item sold/purchased.
5.  The value of each item sold/purchased.
6.  Country of Manufacture for each item listed
7.  If you are NAFTA exempt a copy of your NAFTA certificate
8.  Any other documents required to import/export your shipment
If you are interested in using our services please email us at and we can connect with you the proper department.

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